Business Restructurings and Turnarounds

An unfortunate (but inevitable) component of the business landscape are financially distressed companies. We understand that financial distress can result from a variety of both internal and external factors. Typically, these situations do not lend themselves to simple modifications of the balance sheet, but require a significant, and often unpleasant, change in operations, management and/or capital structure. Without the unbiased perspective of an outsider, a proper analysis of the situation can be hindered by emotional attachments, biases and potential conflicts of interest that are often unknowingly accumulated by long term insiders.

While taking into account all of the stakeholders’ goals and objectives, our ultimate mission is to assist you in restructuring your operations and/or in recapitalizing your finances in order to regain financial viability. We have the skill and experience to perform an independent, objective review of your restructuring alternatives.

The restructuring and turnaround services we provide include the following:
  • Evaluation of restructuring alternatives
  • Development of restructuring plan
    • Cost reduction analysis
    • Profit enhancement strategy
    • Cash requirements analysis
    • Short and long term financial forecasts
    • Renegotiation of existing senior and subordinated debt
    • Restructuring unsecured creditor obligations
    • Restructuring of equity base
  • Implementation assistance
  • Creditor liaison
  • Interim management
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