Valuation Services

Knowing the value of your business, or an ownership interest in your business, can be used for a range of planning and transaction purposes. Drawing on our industry experience and market research capabilities, we can provide a range of valuation services. In valuing an enterprise, we examine current business operations, future prospects and overall market conditions to develop a report that covers conclusions, methods and supporting details. Outside of a formal report and opinion context, we also can provide assistance with a variety of valuation issues relevant to your internal strategic planning process. Our valuation services can be performed to meet the requirements of a variety of business and investment situations:
  • Financing transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Stock option/equity plans
  • ESOPs
  • Estate matters
  • Charitable transfers

In recent years, the actions of corporate directors and officers have come under increased scrutiny, sometimes resulting in litigation. To prevent possible adverse developments, both public and private companies commonly seek expert advice concerning the fairness or appropriateness of various corporate actions. As part of our valuation services, we can provide fairness opinions on a variety of actions and transactions.

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