Investor Services

We understand that many individual investors, family investment groups and smaller investment firms do not have all the specialized financial expertise in-house to properly manage all of their investment and business activities.

Whether you need assistance with an individual investment or your entire portfolio, we can customize a service package to meet the requirements of your situation.

  • Due Diligence and Transaction Support

    Whether managing an existing private equity investment or evaluating a new opportunity, doing your homework takes time, research and reasoned analysis. Not everyone has the internal expertise or available time to study all of the significant business and financial issues that are required to properly vet an investment opportunity. Our job is to help you identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes.

    We can provide the level of due diligence and advisory services that are appropriate for your specific situation and within your time and budget constraints. Our due diligence services can be comprehensive or we can be narrowly focused to address specific risk areas or to supplement your other due diligence efforts. In addition to traditional due diligence services, we can provide you with a wide range of strategic, operational and negotiation advice in support of your contemplated transaction.

  • Financing Assistance

    Often an investment opportunity is dependent on a simultaneous external financing. Whether your individual situation requires some additional debt capital from a financial institution or equity capital from a co-investor, we can assist you in pulling these various financing pieces together to expedite your transaction. The different components of your investment transaction almost always need to be negotiated and contractually documented simultaneously.

    Depending on your desires and time constraints, we can leverage our expertise and contacts to support you in all phases of the investment transaction or just certain financing components. (Also, see Business Services – Corporate Finance.)

  • Private Equity Portfolio Review & Liquidity Assessments

    Holding private equity investments is a much different experience than owning publicly-traded securities. The type and quantity of financial and other business information provided by private entities can be very limited. What financial information is available often can be in a substantially abbreviated form without supporting or explanatory disclosure. Whether intentional or not, many private enterprises distribute less than adequate financial information. The status (and value) of your investment is highly dependent on the financial condition and business prospects of the underlying company, which can only be reasonably determined after access to the relevant information. We have the experience to help you gather and analyze this nonstandard information and to determine the status of your investment

    Securities in private enterprises are highly illiquid. The securities are not listed on any exchange and may have other specific restrictions against a transfer without the consent of the company. Since transfers in any secondary (non-public) market are very difficult, a liquidity event, if any, for the securities’ holder often comes directly from the company in the form of a recapitalization or as part of a larger liquidity event for the company as a whole such as a sale, merger or IPO. We can help you analyze your private equity investment and the alternatives available to the underlying company. With these alternatives in hand, you may be able to approach the company regarding a reasonable liquidity transaction acceptable to all parties