Business Advisory Services

As companies grow and evolve, their business strategies, financing arrangements and capital structure require modification to accommodate new operating circumstances. The financial, organizational and strategic issues which this evolution may pose are quite different from the normal, day-to-day operating problems encountered by management. We have the expertise and current market knowledge to assist you in identifying and resolving these most critical issues.

As active professionals in the financing marketplace, we have negotiated a wide variety of investment, financing, and M&A transactions, and usually can recommend a number of options for your specific situation. We assess your business situation and then prepare you to present your business case, in the most favorable light possible, to investors, lending institutions, buyers or sellers best suited to your needs. We have developed the experience required to manage every aspect of the process, and can provide the assistance you need to make your project a success.

  • Business Assessments

    Any successful financing, sale, merger or business restructuring is a complex process that requires adequate preparation, a clear set of objectives, and an executable plan. Regardless of an organization’s size or stage of development, a Business Assessment serves as a starting point for this internal planning process. A Business Assessment is a focused evaluation of a company’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The scope of any Business Assessment is dependent on the client’s scale of operations and its assessment objectives, but typically would include the following:

    • Review and assess operations, capital structure, business model, organizational infrastructure
    • Assess preparedness for future growth and need for financing
    • Identify significant strengths and weaknesses, including impediments to future financings and strategic transactions
    • Provide groundwork for the development of long-term financing and exit strategies

    Based on the objectives and priorities established from the Business Assessment, specific strategic and financial programs can be initiated to better position the business for the desired future strategic and financing events. We can assist you in designing and implementing the appropriate programs to achieve your desired results. (See Other Services.)

  • Corporate Finance

    Securing appropriate debt or equity financing can be a tremendously difficult and time-consuming process. Our transaction experience and existing contacts with funding sources enable an efficient assessment of an enterprise’s funding prospects. Our professionals monitor regional deal flow and national capital markets in order to stay abreast of the latest developments. Our scope includes the criteria and preferences for individuals, corporations, financial institutions and venture capital investors, so we can recommend the best funding opportunities in every channel of capital formation.

    A successful financing often hinges on a compelling business case and a focused marketing effort, and we can help you develop both. A full scope corporate finance assignment would include the following:

    • Evaluate current market conditions
    • Assess alternative financing scenarios
    • Support preparation of financing memorandum
    • Identify potential funding sources
    • Facilitate due diligence
    • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Business Restructurings

    An unfortunate (but inevitable) component of the business landscape are financially distressed companies. We understand that financial distress can result from a variety of both internal and external factors. Typically, these situations do not lend themselves to simple modifications of the balance sheet, but require a significant, and often unpleasant, change in operations, management and/or capital structure. Without the unbiased perspective of an outsider, a proper analysis of the situation can be hindered by emotional attachments, biases and potential conflicts of interest that are often unknowingly accumulated by long term insiders.

    While taking into account all of the stakeholders’ goals and objectives, our ultimate mission is to assist you in restructuring your operations and/or in recapitalizing your finances in order to regain financial viability. We have the skill and experience to perform an independent, objective review of your restructuring alternatives.

    The restructuring and turnaround services we provide include the following:

    • Evaluation of restructuring alternatives
    • Implementation assistance
    • Creditor liaison
    • Interim management
    • Development of restructuring plan
      • Cost reduction analysis
      • Profit enhancement strategy
      • Cash requirements analysis
      • Short and long term financial forecasts
      • Renegotiation of existing senior and subordinated debt
      • Restructuring unsecured creditor obligations
      • Restructuring of equity base
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Seller Representation)

    To find the right buyer for your company, it takes more than just a “for sale” sign on the door. We strongly believe that understanding your business and industry is vital to effectively market your company and to obtain fair value in the investment community. We can work with you to create a complete sales package that will appeal to the right buyers, and represent your best interests from the first inquiry to the final closing. Based on your preferences, we are available to assist you with any or all of the key phases of the sales process:

    • Identify seller’s objectives
    • Present strategies for achieving objectives and optimizing valuation
    • Define suitable buyer groups and select prospective candidates
    • Prepare descriptive information memorandum and prepare for due diligence
    • Initiate contact with prospective buyers
    • Negotiate terms and conditions until the sale transaction is closed

    If you already have a buyer prospect(s) and just desire assistance with due diligence and negotiation support, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Buyer Representation)

    If you are seeking to complete acquisitions in an efficient, professional manner, we can help. Whether you have already identified an acquisition target or are just starting to consider your options, our experienced team has the financial and transactional skills to make your acquisition program a success.

    We understand that business owners and senior management usually have their hands full managing the day-to-day operations of their current business, which often can severely limit the amount of quality time they can devote to a strategic acquisition opportunity. Our professionals can supplement your internal team’s available time and expertise to assist in any aspect of the acquisition process, including the following:

    • Define acquisition goals
    • Identify qualified candidates
    • Initiate contact with target companies
    • Determine reasonable valuation
    • Develop transaction structure
    • Arrange for third party financing
    • Coordinate due diligence, negotiation, and closing
  • Valuation Services

    Knowing the value of your business, or an ownership interest in your business, can be used for a range of planning and transaction purposes. Drawing on our industry experience and market research capabilities, we can provide a range of valuation services. In valuing an enterprise, we examine current business operations, future prospects and overall market conditions to develop a report that covers conclusions, methods and supporting details. Outside of a formal report and opinion context, we also can provide assistance with a variety of valuation issues relevant to your internal strategic planning process. Our valuation services can be performed to meet the requirements of a variety of business and investment situations:

    • Financing transactions
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Stock option/equity plans
    • ESOPs
    • Estate matters
    • Charitable transfers

    In recent years, the actions of corporate directors and officers have come under increased scrutiny, sometimes resulting in litigation. To prevent possible adverse developments, both public and private companies commonly seek expert advice concerning the fairness or appropriateness of various corporate actions. As part of our valuation services, we can provide fairness opinions on a variety of actions and transactions.

  • Other Services

    Not every prospective client has an immediate need to pursue a financing or strategic transaction. However, most can benefit from specific value enhancement initiatives that address certain financial, operational, or strategic issues.

    You can leverage the experience and expertise of our professional team to provide objective advice on a wide variety of business matters, including the following:

    • Business plan review and/or development
    • Budgeting & forecasting
    • Cost containment
    • Compensation planning
    • Financial reporting
    • Board of directors development & corporate governance