Business Assessments

Any successful financing, sale, merger or business restructuring is a complex process that requires adequate preparation, a clear set of objectives, and an executable plan. Regardless of an organization’s size or stage of development, a Business Assessment serves as a starting point for this internal planning process. A Business Assessment is a focused evaluation of a company’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The scope of any Business Assessment is dependent on the client’s scale of operations and its assessment objectives, but typically would include the following:
  • Review and assess operations, capital structure, business model, organizational infrastructure
  • Assess preparedness for future growth and need for financing
  • Identify significant strengths and weaknesses, including impediments to future financings and strategic transactions
  • Provide groundwork for the development of long-term financing and exit strategies

Based on the objectives and priorities established from the Business Assessment, specific strategic and financial programs can be initiated to better position the business for the desired future strategic and financing events. We can assist you in designing and implementing the appropriate programs to achieve your desired results. ( See Other Services.)

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